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The best professional baseball team in Korea, Doosan Bears, Boasting a long-standing history and old traditions

The best professional baseball team in Korea, Doosan Bears, Boasting a long-standing history and old traditions
Welcome to the Doosan Bears' homepage!
The Doosan Bears organization is always doing its best to please its fans, whether it be through the best games or excellent fan services.
We are always working hard to share the glory of victory with our fans.
But, we can only do it with your support and encouragement.
The first Korean professional baseball team, Doosan Bears
Doosan Bears were the first Korean professional baseball team formed in 1982 when the Korean Baseball League (KBL) was launched.
The team took its name and logo from the Asiatic black bear that is part of Korea's foundation myth, the story of Dan-Gun. The Bears, inaugurated by the first President Park Yong-Min and Manager Kim Young-Deok on Jan. 15, 1982, began its illustrious career in professional baseball on March 17. In addition, in order to stimulate and excite the imagination of children, the Little Bears Fan Club was formed.
The most prestigious professional baseball club – winning the Korean championships three times
Doosan Bears performed a great feat by winning the Korean Series in 1982, the first year of pro baseball in Korea (KBL), and helped stimulate interest in the game of baseball.
The club, thanks to its formidable tenacity and perseverance, repeated its success by becoming champions again in 1995 and 2001.
In addition, As the Bears have moved into the 21st century, they have continued to make their mark in the post-season, maintaining the club's stature and prestigious traditions.
  • 2001 V3 MVP Woods
  • 1995 V2  MVP Kim min ho
  • 1982 V1 MVP Kim you dong
The incubator of baseball players, Icheon Bears Field (only for the minor league team)
The Doosan Bears have maintained their reputation as one of the most prestigious professional baseball clubs in KBL. The core of this success lies in its operation of a minor league team and the Icheon Bears Field, the KBL's top farm system which was completed in 2005 via a 15 billion won investment. The field is comprised of a ballpark as large as that of Jamsil Stadium, an indoor training field, a gym, a dormitory and other modern facilities. The experienced and dedicated coaching staff trains prospective talents and gets rookies ready for the major league.
‘Sharing love’, our corporate philosophy
The corporate philosophy of Doosan Bears is to ‘Share love through sports’. Doosan Bears recognizes the value of performing charitable works.
Accordingly, the team regularly donates baseball goods to generate funds for charities and offers baseball classes for young players from poor families who are struggling to make their dreams come true. The Bears take part in initiatives to provide children with dreams through everything from inviting children from multicultural families to Jamsil Stadium and games or by visiting Seoul Municipal Boys’ Town.
The players accumulate funds for donation purposes whenever they produce a hit or a homerun or steal a base, and then give the funds to the people from socially underprivileged backgrounds.
Doosan Bears and its fans, ‘The Strongest Hitter No. 10s’
The baseball team introduced life-long membership in 1995 and opened its official Bears website in 1998, the first among the 8 clubs of KBL. With on/offline fan services and events such as ‘Bears’ Day’, ‘Player’s Day’ and ‘Queen’s Day’, the Doosan Bears pledge to always stay close to the strongest hitter no. 10s by being dynamic on the field.
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