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Detailed information

Detailed information
Transportation Parking Nearby parking space Entrance
- Blue Buses (long distance) :
301, 360, 361, 362, 363, 730
- Green Buses (intra-city) :
11-3, 11-6, 917, 2225, 3217, 3218, 3411, 3412, 3422, 3414, 3417, 3415, 3314
- Yellow Buses (Circulating) :
- Airport Buses :
600, 606
- Subway :
Line 2, Sports Complex station Exit 5 & 6
- Capacity :
2,200 Cars
- Contact :
Songpa Tancheon Parking lot
- Capacity : 1,500 Cars
- Parking fee :
2,000 won for 7hrs
(1,000 won for an additional hour)
- Managed by Songpa Development Corporation
Gangnam Tancheon Parking Place
- Capacity : 1,009 Cars
- Managed by Gangnam Developement Corporation
Jamsil Parking Area at Hangang Civilian Park

- Parking Fee : 4,000 won per entry for a full day
- Contact: 452-2122 (PS Oseong)
- Gates of Jamsil Stadium:
1st base infield, 3rd base infield, 1st base outfield,
3rd base outfield,
Center gate entrance
(The center gate is only for reporters and ball club officials.)


  • Come to the baseball field with your family

    Come to the baseball field with your family
    The stadium is equipped with a nursing room and play area where you can borrow strollers for your children or place them under the care of trained staff. The play area offers a variety of air-cushioned rides for children, and teens can access the Internet and play games in the PC Zone. Come to the ballpark with your children and all the family can have fun.
  • Food and drinks

    Food and drinks
    You can enjoy a wide selection of food from hamburger and fried chicken to coffee and beer at various snack bars and booths around the stadium. Double your enjoyment of watching exciting cheerleading and great sporting action with these fine foods and drinks.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all seating areas in the stadium

    Smoking is prohibited in all seating areas in the stadium
    Smoking is prohibited in all seating areas of the stadium, which is an outdoor sports facility. Smoking is only allowed in the Green Zone, which is located in the in/out field passages. Smoking fans, why don't you try quit smoking?
  • Renovated Jamsil Stadium

    Renovated Jamsil Stadium
    Jamsil Stadium underwent renovations for 2 months in 2007 at a total cost of 1.5 billion won. The playing grass was completely changed and the sewage piping system was improved and sprinklers were installed to minimize the negative effects of rain on a baseball game. Triangular home run poles were also replaced with yellow cylindrical poles.
  • Easy and convenient ticketing

    Easy and convenient ticketing
    You can view the progress of games and obtain other useful information at the box offices outside the stadium. LED boards were installed at the 1st box office and central box office to deliver information on the progress of games as well as to provide information on various fan services and events offered by the Bears.
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